Computer & IT Engineering

Computer & IT Engineering

Events related to Computer & IT Departments which includes interactive coding, Application developement and website designing.

Mechanical & Metallurgy Engineering

Mechanical & Metallurgy Engineering

Events related to Mechanical & Metallurgical Departments including basic principles of physics.

Civil & IWM Engineering

Civil & IWM Engineering

Events related to Civil, Architecture and Irrigation & Water Management including basic principles of structural engineering and water management.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Events related to Electrical & Elecronics department based on RC circuits and autonomous technology.

Chemical Engineering & Pharmacy

Chemical Engineering & Pharmacy

Events related to Chemical & Pharmacy department using various chemical reactions and basic formulation of pharmaceuticals.

Textile Engineering & Textile Technology

Textile Engineering & Textile Technology

Events related to Textile engineering & Textile Technology.

Design & project exposition

Design & project exposition

Segment dedicated towards showcasing new innovations in technology.

Energy Conversion Techniques

Energy Conversion Techniques

Event based on various energy conversion techniques.


Guinness Record

For the first time in the history of The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Guinness World Record was awarded for the largest shopping bag made from paper which is 18.55 m (60 ft 10.3 in) long, 11.33 m (37 ft 2 in) wide and 2.94 m (9 ft 7.7 in) deep and which was achieved by FootPrints X4 and and measured at the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India, on 12 January 2014

Limca Record

We have received the Limca Book of records certificate which states "Students of The Maharaja Sayajirao University's Faculty of Technology and Engineering,Vadodara,Gujarat conducted a Say NO to Plastic campaign by making the largest paper bag at their annual festival FootPrints 2014 on Jan 12,2014. The bag was 18.55 m deep, 11.33 m wide and 2.94 m breadth. The work started at 7:30 am with 95 students actively participating was completed by 4:30 pm"

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Our History

Magnifying from 30 to 23k was a journey of pride and excellence. With the constant support and encouragement of the associates and enthusiasm of the participants, FootPrints has now been crowned with the eminent tittle of 'The Largest Technical Event of West Zone'.


From The Experts

I hail footprints for providing such a splendid platform for showcasing their technicality, with a touch of recreation.

Roy Zaltsman -
Pshycological Entertainer

It was a mesmerizing experience, the students were so enthusiastic and interactive. Congratulations to Team FootPrints for the success of the event.

Congratulations to Team FootPrints for the splendid event. The lectures and student participation was amazing.

Devdutta Chandavarkar - Vice-President, Mercedes Benz, India

I was heartened to see the social awarness and enthusiasm of today's youth at my lecture at Footprints X5. Best of luck for future endeavours.

Satyajit Bhatkal -
Director, Satyamev Jayte

Throughout my stay I had the opportunity to interact with many of the students and that is what impressed me...

Congratulations to Footprints in organising these great lectures and recording them so well This is now...

I had a wonderful time at FootPrints. Amazing guest speakers with a wide variety of talents...


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Swift + 3

Does it ring a bell? Maybe yes after seeing the title :P .It's the symbol which we didn't know existed till 2007-08. Thanks to our "beloved" social media, hashtags now hold an important part in our lives, rather in our "social" lives. But very few of us know the actual use of a hashtag.

the MIssile Man

"Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended"
APJ Abdul Kalam, better known as the missile man of india, made the whole india shed tears by his sudden demise. From playing an organisational, technical, and political role in India's Pokhran-II nuclear tests to living the civilian life of education, writing and public service, he left an indomitable mark in the welfare of science and technology and in the lives of people.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Since the evolution of human kind, we have always been a class apart, not on the primordial scales of strength, speed or camouflage, but on the scale of wit, wisdom, and most important, in the ability to understand the phenomena around us in both the quantitative and qualitative fashion. What have we not accomplished?! We seem to have exhausted all the questions to which our oldest ancestors devoted their lives...

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